FILS is a major player in the local Scrap Metal Market. Proving its ability to handle large projects, FILS has established a strong and long-lasting name in this domain, competing with top-notch local and international players. Due to our ability to facilitate the extraction of metals and cleanup sites with minimal amount of problems, FILS has been awarded most governmental and private tenders in this sector.

These tenders range from small projects, such as cars and trucks, small planes, light poles and much more. Some of the other bigger projects include Lafarge Cement Factory, included the hangers and heavy equipment machinery. More recently, FILS has been awarded the mega-project of the Hussein Thermal Power Station, a two-year project of an estimate of 20,000 Tons of usable goods and scrap, in Zarqa. FILS has an extensive network of business contacts and partners in different countries, allowing the trade of these metals on an international level.

FILS has also participated in a number of local and international metal events and conferences and will continue to do so in order to expand its reach and adding long lasting partnerships.