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Hussein Thermal Power Plant

Hussein Thermal Power Plant in Zarqa, Items and goods include: Large power generators of different specifications Hangars and external equipment and machinery Cooling fans External Boilers’ equipment of different sizes Turbins of different sizes Electrical rooms and cabinets Cables of different sizes Fuel tanks of different sizes Taps and pipes

Purchase of 600 Tons of aluminum

Purchase of unwanted 82 governmental vehicles

Purchase of unwanted 82 governmental vehicles of different brands and conditions.

Purchase of used ammunition (casings)

Purchase of used ammunition (casings) from the Arab army 200 tons.

Leyland automotive

It consists of 90 machines of various types, large size skid steer loaders, used bulldozers and excavators.  

Cement Hangar

Lafarge Cement Hangar with area of 7000m2 .  It has dust sludge and a used conveyor belt located in Al Fuhais.  


A wide selection of poles of different lengths and sizes, Available quantity of almost 3225 Tons as in the picture